Assistant Dean Christine Schmidt, Dean Helene Dillard, Amy McLean and Marshmallow at the UCD Equestrian meet

Department News and Updates: February 1, 2019


  • UC Davis Dairy earned Hilmar Cheese Company’s “Cream of the Crop” trophy, awarded to producers with the highest quality milk. The Dairy has always been in the top 10 producers for Hilmar and this marks the 4th time the Dairy has won the top award! Congratulations to the entire Dairy team—Doug, Maria, Paul,   Diana, Juan, Mike and all of the Dairy students!


  • Dean Helene Dillard, Assistant Dean Christine Schmidt and Amy McLean attended the inaugural UCD Equestrian meet where the Aggies upset #9 Delaware State for a win! Several of the team members are Animal Science majors.
  • Jim Oltjen spoke on Beef Quality Assurance at the Red Bluff Bull & Gelding Sale in Red Bluff, CA.


  • Huaijun Zhou, Ying Wang and Perot Saelao published “Intrauterine growth restriction alters the genome-wide DNA methylation profiles in small intestine, liver and longissimus dorsi muscle of newborn piglets” in Current Protein & Peptide Science.
  • Mary Delany and Elizabeth O’Hare published “Two proximally-close priority candidate genes for diplopodia-1, an autosomal inherited craniofacial-limb syndrome in the chicken: MRE11 and GPR83” in Journal of Heredity.