Aggie Classic Sale #2 at Cole A Facility UCD

Department News and Updates: March 1, 2019


  • Congratulations to Frank Mitloehner for earning the 2019 Distinguished Teaching Award for Undergraduate Instruction!
  • The department held the second Aggie Classic Project Animal Sale of the year. Mark Rubio, Allen Pettey and Ryan Vanderford organized a group of students from both Goat and Sheep Facilities to put on a project animal sale, providing project animals to local 4-H and FFA groups. 
  • Welcome back to Jan Carlson who will be at the Goat Barn until early April.


  • Caleb Sehnert and 5 students attended the California Association of Meat Processors (CAMP) Annual  Convention and Cured Meat Competition at CSU Chico. Chyanne Hughes won Grand Champion!  Mario Valdez won Reserve Grand Champion in the Collegiate Class (Whole Muscle Jerky) and was   awarded the CAMP Meat Science Scholarship. The combined results of the team earned them the Norm Eggen Award. UC Davis has won this award 6 out of the 7 years that it has been presented. 
  • Francine Bradley attended the Pacific Egg and Poultry Association (PePa) Convention at Disneyland and  coordinated the Student Program. Scholarships were awarded to Myrna Cadena (MS student in Avian Sciences), Alejandra Figueroa (MS student in Avian Sciences), Guadalupe Peña (MS student in Avian Sciences), Sofia Egana-Labrin (Ph.D. student with Dr. Gallardo) and Allison Pullin (Ph.D. Student with Dr. Makagon). UCD Avian Sciences Club won the Scrapbook competition, beating Fresno State, MJC, and  Oregon State. Guadalupe Peña won the Graduate Student Poster Award and Alejandra Figueroa was   recognized with a Student Merit Award for Outstanding Poultry Student at UC Davis.
  • Faculty, staff and students attended the Western Dairy Management Conference in Reno, NV. Trish Price, Zaira Joaquin Morales, Betsy Karle, Jennifer Heguy, Randi Black and Anna Denicol helped with the conference. Deanne Meyer presided over a panel on advanced manure technologies, and Frank Mitloehner presented on climate smart dairy and beef production.
  • Alison Van Eenennaam gave 4 presentations to the 2019 Midwest Veterinary Conference in Columbus, OH (The Role of Genetic Improvement on the Sustainability of Animal Agriculture; Genetic Testing in Bovine Practice; Understanding Genomics, Genetic Engineering, and Gene Editing; Veterinarian’s role in Future Genetic Improvement Programs). She also gave a keynote address at spoke the 2019 Western Dairy Management Conference in Reno, NV on “Dairy – where biology meets social science” and presented on “Genetic Improvement of Beef Cattle: Current Practice and Future Prospects” at 3 meetings, held at Cathey’s Valley, Visalia, and Bakersfield, CA, as part of the 2019 UCCE Southern San Joaquin Livestock Symposium. 


  • Dietmar Kueltz published “Early-life exposure to the endocrine disruptor 17-?-ethinylestradiol induces delayed effects in adult brain, liver and ovotestis proteomes of a self-fertilizing fish” in Journal of Proteomics.