The Animal Science Research Showcase at Cole Facility

Department News and Updates: April 26, 2019


  •  The department hosted the Animal Science Research Showcase at the Cole Facility. Thank you to the   faculty, staff and students who participated and helped to make the event a success! 


  •  Maja Makagon was an invited judge for the Perdue Farms Chicken Welfare Enrichment Contest.
  •  Kelli Davis and Don Harper presented the basics of Horse and Cattle Identification and Care for the Animal Control Officers at the Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation department.
  •  Claire Shaw (PhD student) presented on the “Evaluation of the potential of two common Pacific Coast macroalgae for mitigating methane emissions from ruminants” at the Congress on Gastrointestinal Function in Chicago. 


  •  Ermias Kebreab, Xiangrong Wang and Jinghui Li published “Effects of dietary grape seed polyphenols supplementation during late gestation and lactation on antioxidant status in serum and immunoglobulin content in colostrum of multiparous sows” in Journal of Animal Science.
  • John Eadie published “When cooperators cheat”, a study of a cuckoo species, in Nature.