Vivian Chu, Kevin Do,  Program Director Professor Subramaniam Muralidharan, Maria Gonzalez and Abigail Pfefferlen at the UCD VIP Annual Student Conference

Department News and Updates: May 24, 2019


  • Doug Gisi, Maria Patino, Juan Hernandez, Paul Domer and Mike Amato earned the Citation of Excellence Award in the Team category from UCD Staff Assembly. Congratulations to the Dairy Facility team!
  • Ellen Lai received an Outstatnding Graduate Student Teaching Award 2019.
  • Carlyn Peterson received a Professors of the Future award for the class of 2018-2019.
  • Vivian Chu, Tri (Kevin) Do, Maria Gonzalez and Abigail Pfefferlen, undergraduate students from the Hess Lab presented at the UCD VIP Annual Student Conference on campus. 
  • An article about the Animal Science dairy cows and feedlot cattle was published in the California Aggie.The student vote is in: our cows are Best Animal on Campus for the 4th year in a row!


  • Matthias Hess published “The metagenomics landscape of xenobiotics biodegradation in mangrove sediments” in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety


  • Frank Mitloehner gave testimony on livestock and climate before the United States Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry at the “Climate Change and the Agriculture Sector” hearing in Washington D.C.