Anne Todgham and her research team

Department News and Updates: November 15, 2019


  • Congratulations Yanhong! She was awarded 2019 Hellman Fellow.
  • Mandy Frazier (MS in Animal Biology) is down in the Antarctic with Anne Todgham's research group. For her PhD dissertation, she will be examining the effects of elevated temperature and carbon dioxide levels on early developmental physiology of fishes. As part of her research, she is diving beneath the sea ice to collect juvenile fishes with the help of divers hired by the National Science Foundation. See pictures below
  • The Holiday Gala! This year's Holiday Gala will be on Friday December 6th. Check your email for details.


  • Pablo Ross presented a plenary talk titled: "Gametes from stem cells: towards livestock in vitro breeding" at the Spanish Association of Animal Reproduction Congress in Toledo. Spain.
  • On November 7th, Ben Rupchis spoke on "Dairy Goat Farmsteads and Food Safety" at the CDFA Meat and Dairy Food Safety Annual Meeting held in Pismo Beach. 48 CDFA Dairy Inspectors and additional CDFA administrative staff were in attendance. The CDFA is looking forward to working with UCD on outreach and they are hoping to provide speakers or outreach materials for future "Goat Days".
  • Yanhong Liu and Kwangwook Kim attended 2019 FeedAdditives Americas in Miami, Nov12 to 15 2019. Yanhong gave a talk 'New research into plant-based feed additives'.


  • Maja Makagon published "Keel Impacts and Associated Behaviors in Laying Hens" in Applied Animal Behaviour Sci¬ence$016$159119301467
  • Lauren Kovanda and Yanhong Liu published 'In vitro antimicrobial activities of organic acids and their derivatives on several species of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria' in Molecules. https://www.ncblnlm.nihmov/pubmed/31635062
  • Amy Mclean and others published 'A review of the appropriate nutrition welfare criteria of dairy donkeys: Nutritional requirements, farm management requirements and animal-based indicators". Animals. June 2019, 9,315. https://doLorg/10.3390/ani9090319