Alison and Maci at CCA, Reno

Department News and Updates: December 6, 2019


  • Hope you enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Holiday Gala Tonight, 12/6, 6:00 PM. We did sell out so if you missed your chance, we will see you next year!


  • Amy McLean, and others published “Dumb or smart asses? Donkey’s cognitive capabilities (Equus asinus) share the heritability and variation patterns of’s cognitive capabilities (Homo sapiens)”.of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications. 2019. September-October, Jrnl of Vet Behavior, 33: 63-74,
  • Mike Miller and others published “Genome scan for selection in South American chickens reveals a region under selection associated with aggressiveness”, Livestock Science, 225(7):135-139,


  • Richard Blatchford gave a talk on “Innovation in Cage-Free Egg Production” at the California Egg Quality Assurance Program in Modesto and Ontario, CA
  • Richard Blatchford, was one of 3 academics invited to an industry round table on the humane treatment of spent laying hens, sponsored by the American Humane Association in Washington, D.C.
  • Richard Blatchford gave a talk on “Smart Farming: How technology can work for you”, at the California Poultry Federation’s Quality Assurance Program in Modesto, CA.
  • Richard Blatchford spoke to a group of Cochran Fellows visiting from Moldova, about “Laying Hen Production and Welfare.
  • Juan Medrano attended and presented “Insights into the bovine milk microbiome”, at the REDBIO Biotechnology Congress in Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • Juan Medrano and Angela Cánovas (Univ of Guelph) offered a two-day course “Introduction to Functional Genomics & -Omics Technologies in Livestock” as part of REDBIO and the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) in Montevideo, Uruguay, Nov 18-19, 2019
  • Maci Mueller presents her poster alongside Alison Van Eenennaam at the California Cattlemen’s Association in Reno, NV
  • Dan Sehnert and Frank Mitloehner gave a talk at the California Cattlemen’s Association in Reno, NV
  • Maja Makagon participated in Crucial Conversations Training, a two-day workshop hosted by UC ANR.