Congrats Kelli!

Department News and Updates: March 13, 2020


  • Ag Science Field Day was last Saturday, March 7th and our staff did a superb job once again this year. The only faculty persons involved were Allen Pettey with the Livestock contest, he stepped into Dana Van Liew’s shoes in organizing that contest and never missed a beat. Crystal Yang helped place classes in meats and assisted Emma Martinez with tabulations, and Ed DePeters stopped by all of the contests throughout the day taking pictures. Allen had a great deal of help from Danny Vickers, Marissa Fischer, Ryan Vanderford, and Mark Rubio in setting up. Aaron Prinz supplied the swine and was there along with Marissa and Danny. Kelli Davis handled the Horse contest all by herself, as did Sandra Weisker with Vet  Science. Doug Gisi, Maria Patino and Juan Hernandez handled the Dairy with Lisa Holmes, grad student Randy Edwards and Tony Garcia (a dairyman from Modesto) as dairy cattle judges. Caleb Sehnert covered meats, and Kristy Portillo, Kevin Bellido and Quin Neil made Poultry happen. Although the college handles the registration and some of the behind the scene items, it is the AnimalScience facility staff that make our  departmentcontests happen, working from before 8 in the morning until at least 7:30 pm. Great Job Everyone!
  • Congratulations Kelli Davis! She was the recipient of the Brad Davis (no relation!) Award presented by the CAES at the annual Field Day banquet held at the Horse Barn, Tuesday March 10th. It is an award presented annually upon the completion of Field Day to the individual whose passion and energy, influenced others during the event.



  • Dr. Francine Bradley, gave a talk on the vND Outbreak and outreach to the Game Fowl community at the Pacific Egg and Poultry Association Convention in Waikoloa, Hawaii. She also endowed a scholarship to her first recipient, Myra Cadena. Myra is a leader in the Avian Sciences Club and will be starting her PhD under the direction of Dr. Pitesky.