Department News and Updates: February 26, 2021


  • Who knew? Our very own Dr. Mienaltowski has a twin brother (see papers listed below) who is also an academic at Western Kentucky University.


  • Amy McLean was awarded a grant by the Morris Animal Foundation to study “Development of a mule grimace scale and use of smart halters to recognize pain in mules post castration”


  • 3/1/21 Dr. Jon Oatley from Washington State University will present on “Surrogate Sires®: Next Generation Breeding Tool in Livestock Production”


  • Andrea Schreier, Joel Van Eenennaam and others published "Spontaneous autopolyploidy in the Acipenseriformes, with recommendations for management" in Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries.
  • Oona Vanhatalo, John Henderson, Ubaldo De La Torre, Carissa Garrity, Monica Pechanec, Andrew Mienaltowski, Annie King and Michael Mienaltowski published “Research Note: Evaluation of the incidence of white striping and underlying myopathic abnormalities affected by fast weight gain in commercially fed broiler chickens”  in Poultry Science.
  • Joy Mench co-authors the book Broiler Chickens: Animal Welfare in Practise, 5M Publishing.