Department News and Updates! January 11, 2013



  • Aggie Lamb classic success.  Thanks to Dana Van Liew and the Sheep Interns who worked so hard to get those sheep well-presented.
  • In it to Win it Goat event was a hit with many attendees. Thanks to Jan Carlson for helping organize the event.
  • Huaijun Zhou, Dan Gregory, Juan Medrano, Kristina Weber, Amy Young, attending Plant Animal Genome Conference in San Diego


  • Pablo Ross, James Chitwood, Geri Meyers-Brown & Jan Roser author ”221 RNA-Seq analysis of inner cell mass and trophectoderm cells of equine blastocysts” in Repro Fertil Dev Dec 2012
  • Trish Berger Monica Van Klompenberg, Jan Roser & Russ Hovey author “Increased testicular Sertoli cell population induced by an estrogen receptor antagonist” in Mol Cell Endocrinol
  • Alison Van Eenennaam co-authors “Genetic parameters for concentrations of minerals in longissimus muscle and their associations with palatability traits in Angus cattle” and “Genetic parameters for carnitine, creatine, creatinine, carnosine, and anserine concentration in longissimus muscle and their association with palatability traits in Angus cattle” in Dec J Anim Sci
  • Kristina Weber, Dan Drake & Alison Van Eenennaam coauthor “The accuracies of DNA-based estimates of genetic merit derived from Angus or multibreed beef cattle training populations” and Kristina Weber & Alison Van Eenennaam co-author “Accuracy of genomic breeding values in multibreed beef cattle populations derived from deregressed breeding values and phenotypes” in Dec J Anim Sci