Department News and Updates! January 17, 2014


  • Buckaroo social newsfeed highlighted Meat Lab sales as something to do in Davis CA
  • Henco Leicester visiting graduate student from University of Pretoria working with Peter Robinson


  • Elizabeth Maga session chair at the International Embryo Transfer Society Meeting in Reno
  • Great attendance at the In it to Win It showmanship clinic for meat goats
  • Jose Villaseñor & Mark Rubio were instrumental in coordinating the International Embryo Transfer Society Meeting in Reno
  • James Moller, Clayton Neumeier, Mathew Cohen, Samantha Worth, Carlyn Peterson, & Elizabeth Schusterman represented Animal Science at the California Grain and Feed Association Industry Conference in Monterey


  • Caitlin Cooper, Luis Moraes, & Jim Murray coauthors of “Hematologic and biochemical reference intervals for specific pathogen free 6-week-old Hampshire-Yorkshire crossbred pigs” in Journal Animal Science & Biotechnology
  • Caitlin Cooper, Elizabeth Maga & Jim Murray author “Consumption of transgenic milk containing the antimicrobials lactoferrin and lysozyme separately and in conjunction by 6-week-old pigs improves intestinal and systemic health” in J Dairy Research
  • Merritt Clark, Jim Murray & Elizabeth Maga author “Assessing unintended effects of a mammary-specific transgene at the whole animal level in host and non-target animals” in Transgenic Research