Department News and Updates! January 27, 2012


  • Call for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activities Conference Abstracts
  • Call for Am Soc of Animal Science award nominations
  • UCD Young Cattlemen’s Association hosting Bovine AI clinic in March
  • Aggie Classic Pig Sale Feb 4th 12 pm Cole Facility
  • Goat Day on 1/21 was hugely successful; Thanks to all who made it a terrific event—Jan Carlson, Jim Murray, Elizabeth Maga, Tom Adams Valerie Ozella, Abbas Ahmadi and all the students who stepped forward.


  • Juan Medrano, Mary Delany, Gonzalo Rincon, Alison Van Eenennaam, Huaijun Zhou, Beth Robb, Kristina Weber Kat Tomalty, Daphne Gille, Mariah Meek, Molly Stephens, Melinda Baerwald, Jessica Peterson and many others attended the Plant & Animal Genome Conference in San Diego 
  • Josh Hull presented “Conservation of the Endangered Sierra Nevada Great Gray Owl” at Sacramento Audubon meeting—well attended & publicized in Sac Bee


  • Gonzalo Rincon  presented “Performance of Illumina and Affymetrix High Density genotyping Platforms in Holsteins and Jerseys” at the Plant and Animal Genome Conference (PAG), Cattle/Sheep Workshop
  • Juan Medrano  presented “Analysis of the Milk Transcriptome using RNA sequencing” at PAG Cattle/Sheep Workshop & also talks at the Affymetrix & CLC Bio Workshops
  • Alison Van Eenennaam presented “Update on the regulatory journey of the AquAdvantage genetically-engineered salmon” & “The genetic basis of host susceptibility to bovine respiratory disease” PAG
  • Kristina Weber & Alison Van Eenennaam had “Integrating DNA information into beef cattle production systems” poster at PAG