Department News and Updates! January 6, 2012


  • Cass Tucker promoted to Associate Professor.  Congratulations!
  • Welcome Huaijun Zhou new faculty member! Stop by office 2247.
  • Linda Zhao new member of contracts & grants team.
  • Aggie Classic Lamb sale Saturday 1/8 11 am at sheep barn
  • Goat Day on Jan 21
  • Equine Repro clinic registration deadline Jan 27


  • Audio recordings made by Lucas Films at Animal Science Facilities used in the new film “War Horse”
  • Chinese Academy Delegates visiting dept Jan 11


  • Silas Hung and Jang-Won Lee co-authors of “Histopathological alterations of juvenile green (Acipenser medirostris) and white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) exposed to graded levels of dietary methylmercury” Aquatic Toxicol Jan 2012 
  • Beth Robb received travel award to attend conference in Montreal
  • Annie King submitted grant to NSF and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Caitlin Cooper, Dottie Brundige, Wade Reh, Elizabeth Maga & Jim Murray author “Lysozyme transgenic goats' milk positively impacts intestinal cytokine expression and morphology.” Transgenic Research Dec 2011.