Department News and Updates! October 19, 2012


  • Save the Date: ANS Holiday Gala DEC 7
  • Preview Day Oct 20
  • Advising Refresher for departmental majors: Oct 23, 3:30-5 pm, 2154 Meyer.  If you have advisees, please attend!
  • Alison Van Eenennaam gave a great showing on the Dr. Oz show (aired Wed Oct 17)
  • Frank Mitloehner featured on UCD homepage with full details & video at
  • Horse Day rousing success with 365 participants. Thanks to all who made it run smoothly: Jan Roser, Joel Viloria, Dan Sehnert, Abbas Ahmadi, Valerie Ozella, ALL the horse barn interns & student volunteers
  • Fall Welcome BBQ 420 attendees, fantastic food, great weather, & fun time had by all; thanks to ALL who made it such a super event


  • Bob Sainz authors “Modeling feed efficiency” in the text Feed Efficiency in the Beef Industry edited by R. Hill.
  • Bob Sainz co-authors “Genetic association between body composition measured by ultrasound and visual scores in Brazilian Nelore cattle.’ In J Anim Sci
  • Anita Oberbauer, Steven Berry, Janelle Belanger, Rachel McGoldrick, & Tom Famula co-author “Determining the heritable component of dairy cattle foot lesions” in J Dairy Sci
  • Bob Sainz co-author of “Feedlot performance, feed efficiency reranking, carcass traits, body composition, energy require-ments, meat quality and calpain system activity in Nellore steers with low and high residual feed intake” in  Livestock Science


  • Sandra Weisker toured 32 students from the Woodland High School Vet Science class through Cole B on Oct 16
  • Helene Jammes, visiting scientist from INRA working with Pablo Ross for 5 weeks
  • Bob Sainz delivered keynote address at the 9th Inter-national Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organisational Learning in Bogotá