Department News and Updates! October 21, 2016


  • Saturday, Oct 22, HORSE DAY!!!
  • ANS Staff Service Awards Recognition October 26, 3-4:30 Weir Room


  • Richard Zinn coauthor of “Influence of kaolinite clay supplementation on growth performance and digestive function in finishing calf-fed Holstein steers ” in AND “Influence of Quaternary Benzophenantridine and Protopine Alkaloids on Growth Performance, Dietary Energy, Carcass Traits, Visceral Mass, and Rumen Health in Finishing Ewes under Conditions of Severe Temperature-humidity Index” in Asian-Australasian J Anim Sci
  • Mary Chamberlain, Jenni Pareas, Brian Veltri, Scott Taylor, Sergio Juchem & Ed DePeters co-authors of “Feeding lactating Holstein cows a lipid source high in palmitic acid changes the fatty acid composition and thermal properties of lipids in milk and butter” in The Professional Animal Scientist
  • Richard Zinn co-author of “Mathematical linkage of total-tract digestion of starch and neutral detergent fiber to their fecal concentrations and the effect of site of starch digestion on extent of digestion and energetic efficiency of cattle” in The Professional Animal Scientist


  • Francine Bradley hosted an Avian Bowl Invitational in Sacramento providing valuable practice for our State Champion Team members who are heading to the 4-H Nationals in November; helping the team prepare were current 4-H members from Merced & El Dorado Counties and Avian Bowl alumnae from Chico State, Modesto Junior College, & Merced County
  • Huaijun Zhou presented on the Genomics to Improve Poultry Innovation Lab to the USAID “Feed the Future Innovation Labs – engaging universities to sustainably reduce global poverty and hunger” conference held at UCD
  • Richard Zinn presented to XIX Simposio UANL Engorda de Bovinos en Corral on “Behavioral characteristics and specific  nutritional and management considerations of the calf-fed Holstein” and “Metabolizable amino acids in the nutrition of steers in feedlot” to XXVI Reunión Internacional sobre Producción  de Carne y Leche en Climas Cálidas (XXVI International Meeting on Meat and Milk Production in Warm Climates)
  • Abbas Ahmadi & Ermias Kebreab in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi Vietnam holding PC Dairy Workshops with Vietnamese Cooperative Extension agents
  • Alison Van Eenennaam presented “Translating bovine respiratory disease (BRD) genomic information to industry outcomes” at a producer educational meeting held at Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, NE and presented “A Comparison of the Utilization of Genomic Technologies in the Beef and Dairy Industry” at the Livestock GenTec Conference in Edmonton, Canada