Department News and Updates! October 28, 2011


  • ANS Horse Day, Oct 22—huge attendance, grateful guests, fantastic volunteers!  Written up by several news papers. Thanks to: Joel Viloria, Dan Sehnert, Farm Crew, Josie Trott, Kathy Holcomb, YCA members, Jan Roser, Val Ozella, Horse Barn staff & students.
  • Thanks to Tom Adams, Trish Berger, Joan Chandler, Ed DePeters, Serge Doroshov, Jim Fadel, Annie King, Sarah Warren & Sydney Westbrook for expert assistance at  Preview Day
  • Alison Van Eenennaam faculty expert speaking at the CA&ES series on the challenges of feeding the planet.


  • Pablo Ross’s NIH Grant entitled “Epigenetic control of preimplantation embryo development: role of JMJD3 on histone methylation reprogramming” approved for funding.
  • Bernie May & Andrea Drauch submitted grant to Idaho Power Company on sturgeon
  • Ed DePeters & Kara Ortega presenting at Calif. Chapter of American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists Continuing Education Symp. held at Coalinga


  • UCD Goats make good at Cow Palace: Prospect Champion and Reserve Market Champion
  • Kirk Klasing committee member of a National Academy of Sciences committee commissioned by Congress to develop a report on ““Economic and Environ-mental Impacts of Increasing Biofuels Production.”  Congress, EPA, USDA, Commerce Dept, the president’s science advisors, & GAO were briefed with several news outlets covering.