Department News and Updates! October 5, 2012



  • Francine Bradley touring California this month for Poultry Health Inspections
  • Department playing big role in tonight’s College Celebration: Meats Lab & Horse Barn & Dean Delany


  • Josh Hull and Bernie May received a grant from USGS entitled “Use of Autonomic Recording Units to Monitor California Clapper Rail Calling Rates in a Tidal Marsh Ecosystem”
  • Andrea Drauch in the May lab received a grant from the FWS entitled “Variance In Family Survival In Hatchery-Reared Kootenai River White Sturgeon”
  • Ermias Kebreab received USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Grant to work on “Low Emission Development Strategies”
  • Yongjiu Chen & Bernie May co-authored “Genetic character-ization of variation and management implications for the endangered Mohave tui chub” in  Cons. Gen
  • Andrea Schreier & Bernie May co-author “Hierarchical patterns of population structure in the endangered Fraser River white sturgeon, Acipenser trans-montanus, and implications for conservation” in  Can. J. Fish. & Aquat. Sci.
  • Mariah Meek & Bernie May co-author “Climate change likely to facilitate the invasion of the non-native hydroid, Cordylophora caspia, in the San Francisco Estuary.”  PLoS ONE
  • Kathleen Fisch & Bernie May co-author “Evaluating the performance of captive breeding techniques for conservation hatcheries: A case study of the Delta smelt captive breeding program” in J. Hered.