Department News and Updates! November 13, 2015


  • Save the dates: Little I Nov 22, Cole Facility & Holiday Gala Dec 4
  • Welcome Aaron Prinz, Swine Facility Manager! BS from Cal Poly SLO, managed Cal Poly SLO swine unit, & worked at a large vertically integrated swine operation in Iowa
  • ANS hosted the West Coast Reined Horse Association Board of Directors
  • ANS held a 2 day  Chemical Immobilization of Animals Workshop for Animal & Rabies Control, Humane & Animal Rescue Personnel, Disaster Preparedness, & Law Enforcement personnel


  • Grace Berryhill, Josie Trott & Russ Hovey author “Mammary gland development—it’s not just about estrogen” in J Dairy Sci
  • Kevin Bolek & Kirk Klasing author “Immunoglobulin Knockout Chickens Lack Detectable Circulating IgA in Response to Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin Vaccination” in FASEB
  • Ermias Kebreab funding from Anyou Biotechnology Group (Shanghai, China) to work on a project ‘Life Cycle Analysis of Swine Production in China’


  • Jim Murray presented a seminar titled “Transgenic and Gene Edited Animals for Agriculture" at the University of Sydney, School of Veterinary Medicine, at La Trobe University and at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory
  • At the World of Bulls sale in Galt. UC Davis born and raised, Ranked 12 out of 70 in the sale order
  • Alison Van Eenennaam spoke on “Potential impacts of mandatory labeling for GE food in the United States” at the Western Growers’ Annual Meeting in San Diego
  • Anne Todgham presented "High and Dry: Moving beyond simple heat shocks to understand the thermal physiology of an intertidal limpet" at the Western Society of Naturalist; also presenting were Anne’s grad students Madeline Kinsey on "Predictable change of unpredictable magnitude: the importance of stochastic thermal environments on the physiology of limpets", Erin Flynn on “Ocean acidification may exacerbate the effects of ocean warming during early development of an Antarctic fish", & Brittany (Bjelde) Davis on "Critical thermal limits and sensitivity in developing threatened California fishes"
  • Richard Blatchford attended two egg farm blogger tours as a poultry production expert in Milwaukee, WI & Cincinnati, OH
  • Ermias Kebreab gave invited presentation on phosphorus utilization in swine in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for Association of South American Nutritionists and on beef ration formulation software for Vietnam at the Sustainable Animal Agriculture for Developing Countries conference in Pattaya, Thailand.