Department News and Updates! November 9, 2012


  • Order Smoked Turkeys at the Meat Lab—very popular so order soon
  • Maurice Pitesky & Lindsay Hulbert alums of Frank Mitloehner’s lab accepted faculty positions.  Maurice is now an Asst Specialist in Cooperative Extension for Poultry Health & Food Safety Epidemiology in the UCD SVM & Lindsay is an Assist Professor in Behavior position at Kansas State University.
  • Foodchain grants and admin team will be minimally staffed during last two weeks of Dec, please plan accordingly!


  • Francine Bradley held 7 Poultry Health Inspector Refresher courses throughout Calif.
  • Francine Bradley hosted Avian Bowls as well as the annual Avian Science Grad Group Reunion continuously offered since 1980.
  • Alison Van Eenennaam interviewed by ABC Rural Radio on GM  labeling
  • Meat Lab has been invited to participate in the RMI event From the Soil to the Table on Saturday 


  • Eddy Kao, Rosalina Villalon, Salustiano Ribeiro, & Trish Berger author: “Role for endogenous estrogen in prepubertal Sertoli cell maturation” in Anim Repro Sci
  • Kirk Klasing coauthor of “House finches (Carpodacus mexicanus) balance investment in behavioural and immunological defences against pathogens” in Biol Lett
  • Susie Huang, Anders Strathe, Jim Fadel & Silas Hung coauthor “The interactive effects of selenomethionine and methylmercury on their absorption, disposition, and elimination in juvenile white sturgeon” in Aquat Toxicol.
  • Kirk Klasing coauthors “Variation with Land Use of Immune Function and Prevalence of Avian Pox in Galapagos Finches.” in Conserv Biol