Department News and Updates! December 11, 2015


  • Leslie Oberholtzer received the campus Safety Star Recognition Award
  • Madeline Kinsey (MS student in the Animal Biology Graduate Group) selected as 2016 California Sea Grant State Fellow; she will work with the CA State Parks Natural Resources Division to help refine strategies and policies to better address climate change within the coastal parks


  • Seunghyung Lee, Liran Haller, & Silas Hung co-authors of “Effect of feed restriction on salinity tolerance in white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) ”  in Comp. Biochem. Physiol. Part A
  • Jennifer Heguy (PI) and Deanne Meyer & Peter Robinson Co-PI’s on ANR Grant “Alternative forages: how does sorghum fit into existing nutrient management and feeding systems in California?”
  • Pablo Ross co-author of “Mechanisms of epigenetic remodelling during preimplantation development”  in Reproduction Fertility & Development


  • Anne Todgham visited the Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute in San Diego & aquaculture facility in Carlsbad where she presented "Mitigating stress in a changing ocean: the importance of a multi-stressor approach"
  • Alison Van Eenennaam presented on “Overview of the Ethical Issues of Germ Line Modification in Animals” at The National Academies’ Board on Life Sciences/Institute for Laboratory Animal Research meeting on “Workshop on Gene Editing to Modify Animal Genomes for Research – Scientific and Ethical Considerations” in Washington DC
  • Frank Mitloehner presented at presenter at the UC Davis Food, Ag, and Health Solutions Summit
  • Alison Van Eenennaam gave two presentations on “The use of biotechnology in animal agriculture: past, present, and future” and “Assessing the potential impacts of biotechnology: evaluating risks and benefits”  for the CTNBio in Brasilia, Brazil
  • Frank Mitloehner spoke on Sustainability in Pork Production at the 2015 Pork Action Group meeting in FL