Department News and Updates! December 12, 2014


  • UCD campus home page: Joel Viloria (Horse Barn manager) & ANS student Katie Berg pictured in the banner highlighting the hands on learning of our programs
  • Alison Van Eenennaam testified before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce; Subcommittee on Health on “Examining FDA’s Role in Regulation of Genetically Modified Food Ingredients” watch it on youtube and read press follow up


  • Molly Stephens & Bernie May received funding from the US Fish & Wildlife Service to continue their work on the California Little Kern Golden Trout.
  • Ranga Appuhamy, Ermias Kebreab & Mitchell Simon co-authors of “Intervention effects on diabetes risk factors among adults without diabetes: meta-analyses” in Diabetology and Metabolic Syndrome


  • Francine Bradley Chaired the National Avian Bowl Competition & served on the Production Hens Committee at the 4-H Natl Poultry & Egg Conference in Louisville, Ky; California Avian Bowl Champs (team of 2 from Shasta Co.) emerged the 2014 Natl Avian Bowl Champions
  • Anne Todgham working in the field in Antarctica; she hope to see penguins and killer whales