Department News and Updates! February 14, 2014


  • The elephant study of Brian Greco, PhD student with Joy Mench, is featured on the UCD homepage
  • ANS students highlighted in Feb edition of In Stride, an equine publication: page 68
  • Jim Murray were interviewed by the SA Country Hour at last week’s International Symposium for Animal Reproduction Biotechnology at the SA Aquatic Sciences Centre in Australia
  • Retail Meat lab sales top $1 Million under Caleb Sehnert’s leadership!
  • Actions Protégé awarded the prestigious 2013 American Mule Association Reserve Champion Performance Donkey! Thanks to the Shayna Allison for showing off his talents!


  • Victoria Cussen & Joy Mench co- author “Personality predicts cognitive bias in captive psittacines, Amazona amazonica” in Animal Behaviour
  • Trish Berger coauthor of “Skatole Metabolism in the Pigs with Reduced Testicular Oestrogen Synthesis” in Reprod Domest Anim
  • Greg Archer & Joy Mench co-author “Natural incubation patterns and the effects of exposing eggs to light at various times during incubation on post-hatch fear and stress responses in broiler (meat) chickens” in Applied Animal Behaviour Science
  • Joel Van Eenennaam, Serge Doroshov & Molly Webb coauthor “Confirmation of ovarian homogeneity in post-vitellogenic cultured white sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus” in Fish Physiol Biochem


  • Russ Hovey visited the University of Adelaide’s new vet school on the Roseworthy campus in Australia
  • Frank Mitloehner speaker at the Florida Ruminant Nutrition Symposium in Gainesville and talked about "Cattle feed efficiency and sustainability" followed by a presentation at the World Ag Expo on "Silage emissions and mitigation"
  • Francine Bradley judged at the Humboldt Poultry Fanciers' Association Show, spoke at their Banquet, & then offered a Poultry Health Inspector refresher class in Ferndale
  • Faculty and grad students from Nanjing Agricultural University visited ANS animal facilities: Doug Gisi, James Moller & Kent Parker presented
  • Jim Murray presenting at University of Adelaide