Department News and Updates! February 7, 2014


  • Luis Moraes, Jim Fadel, Anders Strathe, & Ermias Kebreab coauthors of “Prediction of enteric methane emissions from cattle” in Glob Change Biol
  • Pablo Ross, James Chitwood, Jan Roser, & Gerri Meyers-Brown coauthors on “RNA-Seq Transcriptome Profiling of Equine Inner Cell Mass and Trophectoderm” in Biology of Reproduction
  • Ermias Kebreab coauthor of “Trends of greenhouse gas emissions by dairy cattle in México between 1970 and 2010” Anim. Prod. Sci
  • Alma Islas, Angela Canovas, Gonzalo Rincon, & Juan Medrano coauthor “Molecular Phylogeny and SNP Variation of Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus), Brown Bears (U. arctos), and Black Bears (U. americanus) Derived from Genome Sequences” in J. Heredity


  • Francine Bradley represented the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA) Board of Directors at the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta & staffed the WPSA booth
  • Jan Carlson, Dana Welch, Krista Jacobsen, Ed DePeters, Jim Murray, Russ Hovey, Abbas Ahmadi, Romeo Capell, Kara Ortega, Jose Villaseñor, & Mark Rubio, key for hosting the annual UCD Goat Day!
  • Francine Bradley hosted hosted Dr. Antonio Mario Penz, Jr., and wife, Denise.   Antonio received his Ph.D. with Dr. Kratzer and after a long academic career in Brasil, is now Global Strategic Accounts Director, Cargill Animal Nutrition
  • Kent Parker ran a successful Aggie Classic Prospect Pig Sale; thanks to Jose Villaseñor, & Mark Rubio for set up
  • Trish Berger, Elizabeth Maga, & Dan Sehnert tour the Integrative Genetics & Genomics recruits through ANS animal facilities