Department News and Updates! February 8, 2013


  • Documentary film “American Meat” screened at UCD on Feb 6th.  Caleb Sehnert served on a discussion panel following the screening
  • UC Davis Animal Science GATEway Garden progressing—check it out!
  • Hold the date: May 11 for a SFREC departmental field trip


  • Mike Miller coauthor of “Developmentally regulated subnuclear genome reorganization restricts neural progenitor competence in Drosophila” in Cell Jan 2013


  • Dr. Brylyne Chitsunge, Chancellor’s Colloquium speaker visited the goat barn; thanks to Jan Carlson, Dan Sehnert, & Elizabeth Maga
  • The Swine Center & Meat Lab provided the “honored guests” at the 2013 Sacramento BaconFest Final Night Celebration held at Mulvaney’s in Midtown Sac.  Caleb Sehnert attended
  • A delegation of Chinese visitors were hosted by Jim Oltjen Jan 28 & 29. Additional speakers from the department were Cass Tucker, Silas Hung, Frank Mitloehner, and Dan Myers led them on a tour of the SFREC center