Department News and Updates! March 15, 2013


  • Huaijun Zhou invited to give a1 hour interview with Mr. Jay Stone Shih, a program host at KEST Radio Station (BAM,, the #1 Chinese Language Station in all of North America; Program name: Dialogue360) to discuss scientific viewpoints regarding the recent incident in China “Dead pig mystery in Huangpu River near Shanghai”. 
  • UC Davis participated in the Western Regional Dairy Challenge hosted by Washington State University in Everett, WA; this contest is one of 4 regional contests serving as prelude to the National Dairy Challenge. Students were Vania Leonardes, Stacy Williams, Maaike Clapham & March Hyman coached by Russ Hovey & Stacy Wrinkle, an Animal Science alum.
  • Jim Murray’s & Elizabeth Maga’s transgenic goat research highlighted on the UCD homepage and heard discussed on NPR’s Fresh Air
  • Joy Mench quoted in San Francisco Chronicle in article on Foster Farms certified as humane producer>


  • Joy Mench gave a talk on “Technology and Food Marketing in the Age of Animal Welfare” at Oregon State University’s “Food For Thought” public seminar series
  • Deanne Meyer wrote “Manure management: Getting the most out of your nitrogen” in DairyBusiness West.
  • Anita Oberbauer gave talk at K9 breeding conference in Portland, OR
  • Thanks to all who took time to evaluate the Cole GATEway signage


  • Catherine Kemp & Dietmar Kültz author “Controlling proteome degradation in Daphnia pulex.” in J Exp Zool A Ecol Genet Physiol.
  • Richard Zinn coauthors “Comparative feeding value of distillers dried grains plus solubles as a partial replacement for steam-flaked corn in diets for calf-fed Holstein steers: characteristics of digestion, growth-performance, and dietary energetics.” J Anim Sci Feb 2013