Department News and Updates! March 2, 2012


  • ANS Meat Lab won Grand Champion for the 4th consecutive year at the 2012 California Association of Meat Processors (CAMP)Annual Convention and Processed Meat Competition held at CSU-Chico Feb 24–26. 
  • Ag Science Field Day 3/2-3/3: Dairy, Horse, Livestock, Meats, Poultry, Specialty Animals, Computer Apps
  • Ground broken on the ANS Cole Facility-Arboretum Gateways Project!


  • FARMS ( visiting ANS facilities Mar 1: Horse, Dairy, Avian. Thanks to Joel Viloria, Ed DePeters, Sharlie Cunningham, Kristy Smith, & Dan Sehnert for hosting
  • ANS bred goat earns Champion Market at Red Wave Classic (2/11) & Reserve Champion Market at Western Bonanza (2/19)
  • Follow Annie King’s Ag Leadership in Eastern Europe trip at
  • Caleb Sehnert voted in for  3 year term on CAMP Board of Directors


  • Pablo Ross receives NIH grant entitled: "Epigenetic Control of Preimplantation Embryo Development: Role of JMJD3 on Histone Methylation Reprogram-ming"
  • Trish Berger & Jan Roser coauthors of “Stimulation of Sertoli Cell Proliferation: Defining the Response Interval to an Inhibitor of Estrogen Synthesis in the Boar ” in Reproduction Feb 2012
  • Christoph Winckler, Professor, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria, hosted by Cass Tucker for a few months.