Department News and Updates! March 4, 2016


  • Fred Conte presented the National Aquaculture Association (NAA), Joseph P. McCraren Award for Outstanding Contributions in Promoting the Growth of Aquaculture; this is the most prestigious award bestowed by NAA and was presented at the National Triennial Meeting of the major professional and academic United States and International aquaculture societies. The NAA is the U.S. national association of aquaculture producers in marine and freshwater aquaculture. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • UC Davis Meat Lab crew won the Norm Eggen Award at the California Association Of Meat Processors Annual Convention (UCD has won this 4 out of the 4 years its been presented
  • Alison Van Eenennaam featured in J Am Vet Med Assoc news
  • Saturday: Ag Science Field Day!


  • Delia Soto & Pablo Ross author “Pluripotent stem cells and livestock genetic engineering” in Transgenic Research
  • Mutian Niu, Ranga Appuhamy & Ermias Kebreab co-authors of “Effect of dietary crude protein and forage contents on enteric methane emissions and nitrogen excretion from dairy cows simultaneously” in Anim. Prod. Sci.
  • Yanina Bogliotti, James Chitwood, & Pablo Ross author “Effect of spermatozoa motility hyperactivation factors and gamete coincubation duration on in vitro bovine embryo development using flow cytometrically sorted spermatozoa” in Reproduction Fertility and Development
  • Ermias Kebreab received grant from FAPESP (Brazil) – UCDavis SPRINT program on ‘Improving our understanding of nutritional requirements to reduce environmental impact of livestock’


  • FARMS Program visited the Animal Science Department for an intro into animal agriculture: 30 urban ag high school students spent 2 hours at the Dairy, Hatchery and Horse Barn & back to Cole A where Ed DePeters spoke to them about the Animal Science major. Participating were Doug Gisi, Maria Patino, Caitlin Green, Kristy Portillo, Joel Viloria, Ed DePeters & Dan Sehnert
  • Kathryn Jackson had breakfast with the Chancellor (through a campus program by application) discussed the impact of increasing enrollment, lack of classroom space, student safety, & time to degree
  • Frank Mitloehner spoke at Houston International Livestock conference
  • Rachel Conway presented an “Intro to Goats” for the Dormitory Honors Program
  • The UC Davis Meat Lab crew attended the California Association Of Meat Processors Annual Convention at Chico State University. 5 universities from California competed in the Collegiate Division & UC Davis took home top honors for the 8th consecutive year. In Krista Leilin-Marrazzo won the CAMP Scholarship & the Collegiate Class- Grand Champion award went to Dennell Flake & the Champion award went to Lauren Eis
  • Richard Blatchford gave presentations on Backyard Poultry Basics and Poultry Behavior at a Raising Backyard Chickens Workshop in Placerville, sponsored by the UCCE Master Gardeners of El Dorado & Amador Counties to > 100 attendees
  • Joel Van Eenennaam presents at the World Aquaculture Society “Aquaculture 2016” Conference in Las Vegas: “Potential benefits of a low fat finishing diet on white sturgeon caviar production”
  • Alison Van Eenennaam presented . “Alba: the Fluorescent Bunny and Other Tales of Animal Genetics, Genomics and GMOs” Lifelong Learning Center, UC Davis Extension and “Introduction to GMOs and the Issues” Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach
  • Fred Conte presented work co-authored with Abbas Ahmadi at Aquaculture America 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada: “Ground-truthing the shellfish sanitation model Pearl using public health sanitation data sets from Pacific, Gulf, and Atlantic States of the United States” and “Computer applications for shellfish bay sanitation analysis, adjusting shellfish closure rules and bay management”
  • Kelly Wilson, IAD grad student in Huaijun Zhou’s lab, gave an invited presentation on genomics to improve poultry and discuss the benefits & constraints to incorporating interdisciplinary collaboration in food security projects as part of the “Applied research and multidisciplinary” panel at Missouri State University for the 11th summit of Universities Fighting World Hunger
  • Ermias Kebreab gave invited presentation at the Institute of Animal Science in Southern Vietnam on ‘Modeling dairy nutrition in Vietnam’ in Ho Chi Minh City