Department News and Updates! March 6, 2015


  • Ag Science Field Day, Today and Tomorrow
  • UC Davis students Caitlin Horne, Kelly Mitchell & Stacy Williams traveled to College of Sequoias for the 10th annual Western Regional Dairy Challenge contest. Ten schools represented by 83 students from the western US and Canada participated. Stacy Williams was a member of a second-placed aggregate team
  • Dairy cows featured on campus Instagram site


  • Fred Conte & Abbas Ahmadi author “Analysis of Shellfish Growing Areas of Alabama, Florida and Georgia, USA - Using the Pearl Shellfish Sanitation Model” in Int. J. Food System Dynamics
  • Erin Legacki, Barbara Nitta-Oda, & Trish Berger author “Porcine Sertoli Cell Proliferation after Androgen Receptor Inactivation” in Biology of Reproduction
  • Mandi Finger & Bernie May received funding from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for “Genetic Examination of Walker Basin Lahontan Cutthroat Trout to Inform Translocation and Recovery Efforts”


  • Caleb Sehnert speaker at Great Chef Series held at the Mondavi Food & Wine Center. Pork for the event was produced at Swine Center with processing at the Meat Lab
  • Francine Bradley has been very busy: attended the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta, staffed the WPSA booth, and met with the WPSA Executive Committee & USA Branch of WPSA board. She also acted as a resource for information on the High Path Avian Influenza outbreak in the Central Valley, staffed biosecurity booths for Ferndale & Fresno poultry events, judged Avian Bowls at those locations, & was highly involved in the PePa Convention including speaking at multiple events
  • Deanne Meyer organizer for the Western Dairy Management Conference at which Alison Van Eenennaam, Peter Robinson, & UCD Alum Mike Ballou presented in Reno