Department News and Updates! March 8, 2013


  • Joel & Laura & Maira Viloria welcome Amy Viloria, born March 3.  Congratulations to the new parents!
  • March 12 “In it to Win It” online wether kid sale at


  • Elizabeth Maga & Jim Murray coauthor “Dissecting the role of milk components on gut microbiota composition” in Gut Microbes Mar 2013
  • Mike Miller coauthor on  “Thermal adaptation and acclimation of ectotherms from differing aquatic climates. ” in Molecular Ecology Mar 2013
  • Frank Mitloehner coauthor of “Acute pulmonary function change associated with work on large dairies in California” in J Occup Environ Med. 2013 Jan


  • 25 students in the FARMS program ( visited the Dairy, Meat lab, and Horse Barn—thanks Doug Gisi, Caleb Sehnert & equine crew.   Ed DePeters & Dan Sehnert made presentations about the department
  • Ag Science Field Day once again a success due to Animal Science people: Joel Viloria, Sandra Weisker, Caleb Sehnert, YB Lee, Doug Gisi, Sharlie Cunningham, Dana Van Liew, Romeo Capell, Jan Carlson, Jim Oltjen, Dan Sehnert, Kristy Smith, Jackie Pisenti, Caitlin Green, Abbas Ahmadi and from Nutrition Jennifer Ruhe. Thanks to ALL!
  • Francine Bradley judged at the Greater California of Poultry Fanciers' Show in Fresno & ran the Statewide Avian Bowl Qualifier 
  • The following students attended the PePa convention representing UCD: Tracey Rice, Lida Gehlen (Dr. Zhou's lab), and Guiseppe Vezolli & Carine Elkhobar (Dr. Mench’s lab).  Tracey received a scholarship & Linda was awarded Best Poster presented by a Graduate Student & a travel scholarship to attend. The UC Davis entry won the scrapbook competition. 
  • Ermias Kebreab held a training program in Vietnam on greenhouse gas emission.