Department News and Updates! March 9, 2012


  • Ag Science Field Day Huge Success. Thanks to all who participated (see photos below)
  • AVS Club Scrapbook earned the first place handsome wall plaque at Pacific Egg and Poultry Association (PePa) Convention on Maui; Emily Sin Scrapbook Chair, Johanna Griffin orchestrated  with contributions from the Mench lab and grad students


  • Frank Mitloehner presented at Western Canadian Dairy Seminar program 
  • Johanna Griffin, Annie King’s lab, attended PePa
  • Francine Bradley ran the student program at PePa; efforts included judging for various awards, announcing recipients & introduced keynote speaker 
  • Frank Mitloehner presenting at American Feed Industry Assoc meeting, Orlando FL


  • Josh Hull in conjunction with 4 other dual agency/university scientists instructed a week long course:"Scientific Writing for Publication" designed to involve agency biologists (USFWS, NPS) in peer-reviewed publications; held at National Conservation Training Center in West Virginia.
  • Jim Murray & Elizabeth Maga coauthor “30 effect of the cytoplast source and karyoplast type on the development of handmade cloned embryos in goats” in Reprod Fertil Devel Dec 2011