Department News and Updates! April 17, 2015


  • PICNIC DAY is Tomorrow!
  • ANS Dairy featured on UCD website homepage
  • Thanks to all for making Decision Day a success for the ANS/ANM/AEE majors: Nicole Anderson, Fannie Chiang, Naomi Cholst, Jim Fadel, Meghan Foote, Lisa Holmes, Russ Hovey, Kathryn Jackson, Emma Martinez, Mike Miller, Jim Murray for meeting with families & prospective students; Frank Mitloehner for his lecture presentation “Feeding The World Without Depleting Its Natural Resources”; Joel Viloria & the the Horse Barn students for the yearlings & interacting with future students and parents; Draft Horse Club for the draft horses & wagon rides; Rachel Conway for the La Mancha & Saanen goats; Jackie Pisenti & Kristy Smith for the Japanese quail & eggs; Kathleen Furtado for making the flyers and preparing the distribution materials


  • Anders Strathe & Ermias Kebreab coauthors of “A dynamic growth model for prediction of nutrient partitioning and manure production in growing-finishing pigs: Model development and evaluation” in J. Anim. Sci.
  • Pablo Ross co-author of “Cell lineage allocation in equine blastocysts produced in vitro under varying glucose concentrations” in Reproduction
  • Kimberly Katleba, Erin Lagacki & Trish Berger co-authors of “Steroid regulation of early postnatal development in the corpus epididymidis of pigs” in J Endocrinology


  • Alison Van Eenennaam spoke on “The use of GMOs in the dairy industry, and implications for mandatory GE process-based labeling” at the Oregon Dairy Industries Conference in Salem; and on “Communicating Science in a Networked World” at the Announcement of the 2015 Borlaug CAST Communication Award Winner Event  at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.  
  • Richard Blatchford gave talks on backyard chicken behavior and on poultry welfare issues at the UC Davis Vet Med Winter Conference and also at the California Poultry Federation's Backyard Poultry Workshop in San Bernardino
  • Joy Mench presented results from the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply research at the International Egg Commission meeting in Lisbon, Portugal
  • ANS cows on the quad for the annual pre-picnic day milking contest. Thanks to Doug Gisi, Maria Patino , Mark Rubio, Jose Villaseñor, & Frank Sauers who made the contest happen
  • Richard Blatchford presented on the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply's final results to the animal care committee of the annual meeting of the National Institute of Animal Agriculture in Indianapolis and to the annual Quebec Federation of Table Egg Producers in Quebec City