Department News and Updates! April 3, 2015


  • Anna Haller, an Agricultural and Environmental Education major, & Lauren Brackett, Animal Science & Management major, featured on UCD homepage along with ANS dairy
  • Sac Bee highlighted ANS’s Genomic Variation Lab in identifying a new species of invasive loach in the San Joaquin River


  • Ernie Chang co-edits “Physiology” a new volume in The Natural History of the Crustacea Series published by Oxford Press
  • Anita Oberbauer authors “Developmental programming: the role of growth hormone” in J Anim Sci Biotechnol
  • Ryan Lew, Mandi Finger, Melinda Baerwald, Alisha Goodbla, Bernie May, & Mariah Meek authored “Using next-gen sequencing to assist a conservation hatchery: A SNP panel for the genetic management of endangered Delta Smelt” in Transactions of the American Fisheries Society
  • Katherine M. McLean & Anne E. Todgham co-author “Effect of food availability on the growth and thermal physiology of juvenile Dungeness crabs (Metacarcinus magister)” in Conservation Physiology
  • Silas Hung co-author of “Feeding Rates Affect Expression of Heat-Shock Protein 70 in Green Sturgeon Fry” in North Am. J Aquaculture


  • Fred Conte participated in the 107th Annual Conference of the National Shellfisheries Association conference in Monterey & the preconference Western regional Aquaculture Center, Purple Hinge Rock Scallop Workgroup Meetings
  • Francine Bradley presented an invited paper, "Viscerotropic Velogenic Newcastle Disease and Biosecurity, the California and Mexico experiences," at the Poultry Outlook Forum of Agra Middle East in Dubai, UAE
  • Frank Mitloehner presented at the US-Iran Symposium on Climate Change: Impacts and Mitigation sponsored by Office of International Visitors & National Academy of Sciences & Engineering held in Irvine, CA
  • The AI clinic was a success! Undergrads Hanna Van Dozer & Rebecca Barnett were the YCA Events Coordinators who planned & set up the event with mentorship from James Moller & Jim Oltjen; Thanks to the Meat Lab for serving lunch each day—participants appreciated that the meats were prepared from our own Meat Lab!
  • Frank Mitloehner in China as a member of the Alltech Global Research Alliance
  • Ermias Kebreab attended the National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C. Meeting on updating the NRC’s nutrient requirements for dairy cattle & National Press Club, Washington D.C. National Animal Nutrition Program Summit