Department News and Updates! April 6, 2012



  • Jan Carlson & Goat barn hosted the American Dairy Goat Association Linear Appraisal refresher 3/31-4/1
  • Joel Viloria & Horse Barn interns present at Back Country Horsemen’s Annual Rendezvous in Red Bluff
  • Anders Strathe, Anja Hansen, Ermias Kebreab attended Mid-West ASAS/ADSA meeting in Des Moines, IA; Anders & Anja each presented papers
  • Alison Van Eenennaam presented at Vanderbilt University as the Joel G. Hardman Student-Invited Pharmacology Forum speaker “Genetically Modified Foods and Organisms” on the topic of “Ethics of animal biotechnology: Should genetically-engineered salmon be allowed?”


  • Huaijun Zhou co-authors “Progesterone Inhibits Uterine Gland Development in the Neonatal Mouse Uterus” in Biology Reproduction on Jan. 2012
  • Susie Huang, Anders Strathe, Weifang Wang, Dongfang Deng, Jim Fadel & Silas O. Hung author “Selenocompounds in juvenile white sturgeon: evaluating blood, tissue, and urine selenium concentrations after a single oral dose” in Aquatic Toxicology. 109:158-165
  • Huaijun Zhou co-authors  “Gene expression in the arcuate nucleus of heifers is affected by controlled intake of high- and low-concentrate diets.” In J. Anim. Sci. on Jan. 2012
  • Susie Huang, Anders Strathe, Silas Hung & Jim Fadel co-author “Selenocompounds in juvenile white sturgeon: estimating absorption, disposition and elimination of selenium using Bayesian hierarchical modeling. Aquatic Toxicology” 109: 150-157