Department News and Updates! April 8, 2016


  • Thanks to all who helped out at Freshman Decision Day: Rebecca Barnett, Rachel Brumels, Fannie Chiang, Naomi Cholst, Rachel Conway, Ed DePeters, Jim Fadel, Erica Falk, Tom Famula, Farm Crew, Meghan Foote, Kathleen Furtado, Lisa Holmes, Kathryn Jackson, Bryan Jeung, Annie King, Katherine Livingston, Emma Martinez, Hannah Morris, Anita Oberbauer, Katie Ott, Allen Pettey, Kristy Portillo, Felicia Quan, Dan Sehnert, Brenna Sullivan, Anne Todgham, Joel Viloria, and the Animal Science Undergrads working as Aggie Ambassadors or Jastro Scholars
  • NEW ANS website is live!


  • Ernie Chang co-author of “Roles of mechanistic target of rapamycin and transforming growth factor-β signaling in the molting gland (Y-organ) of the blackback land crab, Gecarcinus lateralis” in Comp Biochm & Physiol
  • Seunghyung Lee, Liran Haller, Jim Fadel, & Silas Hung co-authors of “Effects of feeding rate on growth performance and nutrient partitioning of young-of-the-year white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus)” in Aquaculture Nutrition
  • Trish Berger’s, with Angelica Miglino from Sao Paulo, research proposal funded


  • Katherine Livingston & Kathryn Jackson hosted 59 high schoolers from the Build Peninsula Program on a tour of the ANS & ASTF/Dairy. Build Peninsula is an experiential program which targets low-income students in high schools & prepares them to seek higher education; Jim . Murray, Ed DePeters, & ANS peer advisers Meghan Foote, Fannie Chiang, Naomi Cholst & Brenna Sullivan provided perspective & advice on studying at UC Davis
  • Frank Mitloehner gave a sustainability talk at the “London Swine Conference” in London, Ontario, Canada
  • Dan Sehnert, Joel Viloria, & Caleb Sehnert hosted Kate Casale, Youth Development Specialist & students from Alameda County office of Education