Department News and Updates! May 1, 2015


  • RFD-TV’s “Gentle Giants” television show film crew visited the Horse Barn to feature the UC Davis Draft Horse & Driving Club and the Animal Science equine program; episode set to air sometime in June
  • Dr. Scott Sims, AVS alum, stars in Aloha Vet on Nat Geo Wild; Scott's practice is in Hawaii & he flies a plane to visit clients on different islands on a variety of animals
  • Tom Famula awarded a Soaring to New Heights Faculty Citation Award of the Diversity and Principles of Community Awards acknowledging career achievement in leadership in the furthering of affirmative action/equal opportunity and diversity objectives within the UC Davis community


  • Kat Tomalty, Mariah Meek, Molly Stephens, Gonzalo Rincón, Bernie May & Melinda Baerwald co-authors of "Transcriptional response to acute thermal exposure in juvenile Chinook Salmon determined by RNAseq" in G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics
  • Angela Cánovas, Alma Islas-Trejo, & Juan Medrano co-authors on “Peptidomic analysis of healthy and subclinically mastitic bovine milk” in Int. Dairy J


  • UC Davis One Health Institute worked with ANS to tour guests from Myanmar to the Goat, Avian, Swine, & Small Animal Facilities. Thanks to Russ Hovey, Rachel Conway, Huaijun Zhou, Dan Sehnert, Sandra Weisker, & Elizabeth Maga in explaining ongoing research at the facilities
  • Andrea Schreier provided information on the importance of conserving genetic diversity for a documentary film called “Fish Between the Falls” targeting multi-agency efforts to conserve Kootenai River white sturgeon and restore the Kootenai River ecosystem. The film also featured Daphne Gille, Kat Tomalty, & Alisha Goodbla sampling blood from juvenile sturgeon
  • International Feed Industry Federation, American Feed Industry Association, & European Compound Feed Manufacturers’ Federation released Global Feed Life Cycle Assessment guidelines developed by the United Nations FAO-led Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance Partnership chaired by Frank Mitloehner
  • Bob Sainz & Ermias Kebreab gave two invited talks each at the 4th National congress & the 1st International Congress of Modeling & Methodology in Applied animal Science at the Unversidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico, Toluca, Mexico