Department News and Updates! May 17, 2013


  • Thanks to Cassandra Burghardt, Chris Calvert, Jim Fadel, Tom Famula, Alejandra Figueroa, Alison King, Emma Martinez, Sydney Westbrook, & Ed DePeters for making  Decision Day for Transfer Students a success
  • Welcome: Kathryn Jackson, new ANS Advising Associate
  • Horse Barn featured on the cover & with an extensive story in May Equestrian Connection
  • Richard Blatchford, postdoc with Joy Mench, quoted extensively in the Davis Enterprise regarding Tour de Cluck


  • Anke Schennink, Josie Trott, Bradley Freking, & Russ Hovey author “A novel first exon directs hormone-sensitive transcription of the pig prolactin receptor” in May 9 J Molecular Endocrinology
  • Frank Mitloehner coauthor on “Emission of volatile organic compounds from silage: compounds, sources, and implications” in Atmospheric Environment
  • Vanessa Iseri & Kirk Klasing author “Dynamics of the systemic components of the chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) immune system following activation by Escherichia coli; implications for the costs of immunity” in Developmental & Comparative Immunology
  • Kirk Klasing coauthor of “Evolution of zinc, iron, and copper concentrations along the gastrointestinal tract of piglets weaned with or without in-feed high doses of zinc oxide compared to unweaned littermates. J Anim Sci


  • Jim Oltjen, Dan Sehnert, & Dan Myers participated in Sierra Foothill Research Extension Center’s Field Day on May 7
  • Thanks to Dan Sehnert for organizing the departmental field trip to Sierra Foothill Research Extension Center on May 11. The tour and information presented by Dan Myers was valuable with a tasty lunch enjoyed by Ermias Kebreab, Mike Miller, Anita Oberbauer, Lisa Holmes, & all the ANS 144 students.
  • Juan Medrano was an invited seminar/workshop speaker on "New Genomic Technologies for the Analysis of Complex Traits" at University of Chile  School of Medicine and School of Agronomy and at Aquainnono in Pt Montt, Chile.
  • Peter Robinson, Frank Mitloehner, Samantha Werth, Emma Wils-Plotz, Clayton Neumeier , & Rachel Kurzburd attended California Animal Nutrition Conference in Fresno