Department News and Updates! May 18, 2011


  • Staff Recognition Awards: Jackie Pisenti, Dana Van Liew, Norma Andrews, Jeff Johnson, Janelle Belanger, Frank Sauers, Melissa Jordan, Sharlie Cunningham honored (145 yrs of service)
  • Final interview for Microbiologist/Immunologist Asst Prof Position
  • Trish Berger elected to Davis Divisional Representative
  • Beef Quality Assurance Program held at Cole Facility


  • Trish Berger re-appointed Chair of Animal Biology Graduate Group
  • Dr. Armand Sanchez, Professor of Genetics, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona here on 3 month sabbatical with Juan Medrano
  • Feed mill remodel industry meeting held on campus


  • Joy Mench UCD & Janice Swanson (Mich. State) awarded $6 million from Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply to study  sustainable chicken housing
  • Juan Medrano & colleagues characterize the transcriptome of bovine milk oligosaccharides (PLoS Apr 25, 2011)
  • Ed DePeters & colleagues publish milk composition of polar bears (Zoo Bio 2011)
  • Jan Roser awarded equine stem cell grant from Center for Equine Health


  • Peter Robinson in Montreal at Eastern Nutrition Conference
  • Fred Conte at Board of Director Meeting for Western Regional Aquaculture Center, Seattle
  • Alison Van Eenennaam’s Livestock Genomics presentation in Australia: