Department News and Updates! May 2, 2014


  • Alison Van Eenennaam receives the highly prestigious 2014 Borlaug CAST Communication Award
  • Jim Oltjen received the 2014 ASAS Fellow – Extension Award from the American Society of Animal Scientists
  • Welcome Dr. David Bunn, Adjunct Professor in Animal Science!


  • Josh Hull awarded “Spotted Owl Demographic Study” from US Forest Service
  • Faculty members scurry for the USDA NIFA May grant deadlines
  • Deanne Meyer & Gabriela Acetoze coauthors on “Survey of Beef Quality Assurance on California Dairies” in J Dairy Sci
  • Nadia Swanepoel & Peter Robinson coauthors of “Determining the optimal ratio of canola meal and high protein dried distillers grain protein in diets of high producing Holstein dairy cows” in Animal Feed Sci & Technology


  • Joy Mench provides information about animal welfare and sustainability at  the “Good Food” exhibit at the McDonald’s Worldwide Convention in Orlando
  • Alison Van Eenennaam panelist on FoodPolicy.US and CAST (Council for Agricultural Science & Technology) co-hosted panel event entitled “To Label or Not to Label?” at the Georgetown School of Continuing Studies following presentation of “The Potential Impacts of Mandatory Labeling for Genetically Engineered Food in the United States”
  • Frank Mitloehner presented at the Mid-South Ruminant Nutrition Conference in Dallas on the topic “Production efficiency and sustainability of the cattle industry”.
  • Lisa Nash Holmes & Kara Ortega quoted in the Sac Bee