Department News and Updates! May 21, 2015


  • A big thank you for assisting Decision Day for Transfer Students at the ARC Pavilion: Ed DePeters, Trish Berger, Tom Famula, Lynn Martindale, Kathryn Jackson, Emma Martinez, Naomi Cholst, Meghan Foote, Fannie Chiang, Kathleen Furtado, & Nicole Anderson for ANS/AEE/ANM majors. Anne Todgham worked the table for the Marine and Coastal Science major
  • Lydia Garas’s interns, working in Elizabeth Maga’s lab, Kathleen Furtado, Udyam Kumar, & Maire Rayburn, presented their research projects at the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference; Udyam also presented his poster at the Stanford Undergraduate Research Conference


  • Richard Blatchford reported on the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply research project's final results at the Colorado Egg Producers Annual Meeting in Westminster CO
  • Francine Bradley has CDFA contract renewed & taught Game Fowl Health Assurance (GFHA) Classes and Continuing Ed classes in Tulare, Lodi, American Canyon, Santa Maria, & Lodi; she was joined by CAHFS pathologists
  • Erin Flynn & Brittany Bjelde (PhD students in Anne Todgham’s lab) spent the day at Natomas Charter School speaking with 7th and 8th graders about the impacts of climate change on Antarctic fishes


  • Yanina Bogliotti, James Chitwood and Pablo Ross co-authors: “Comparison of different fertilisation media for an in vitro maturation-fertilisation-culture system using flow-cytometrically sorted X chromosome-bearing spermatozoa for bovine embryo production”  in Reproduction, Fertility and Development