Department News and Updates! May 24, 2013


  • Johnita Lanni-Cradit, ANS undergrad, selected as student speaker at Commencement this year. Even more reason to attend commencement on June 16th!
  • Gabriela Acetoze, ABG student of Heidi Rossow, won the overall award at the California Animal Nutrition Conference in Fresno
  • Dietmar Kültz’s coauthors a review featured on the front-page of UC Davis website:


  • Jill Soderstrom, Grace Cun, Nadia Swanepoel and Gabriella Acetoze.  Yolanda Trillo Dono, Alexandria Glover, Lauren Lallaway, Katherine Kennedy & Gracyne Tresoldi participated in the California Animal Nutrition Conference held in Fresno
  • Clair Thunes attending Equine Science Society meetings in New Mexico
  • Clayton Neumeier, Samantha & Frank Mitloehner participated in the Alltech Symposium in Lexington, KY. Frank gave a plenary talk entitled 'Sustainable Intensification: feeding the planet without depleting natural resources'
  • Clair Thunes invited Speaker at California Animal Nutrition Conference with "Fructo-oligosaccharides: the horses friend or foe?"


  • Thomas Bellumori, Tom Famula, Janelle Belanger & Anita Oberbauer author “Prevalence of Inherited Canine Disorders among Mixed Breed and Purebred Dogs’ in J Am. Vet. Med. Assoc. June 2013
  • Mandi Finger & Bernie May author “Conservation of the Owens pupfish (Cyprinodon radiosus): Genetic effects of multiple translocations and extirpations” in Transactions of the American Fisheries Society
  • Amanda Plunkett, Tom Famula & Anita Oberbauer coauthors on “Efficacy of a monovalent Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar Hardjo strain hardjobovis vaccine protocol on measures of fertility in Holstein dairy cattle” in J Am. Vet. Med. Assoc. June 2013
  • Juan Medrano coauthor of “Single nucleotide polymorphisms in CETP, SLC46A1, SLC19A1, CD36, BCMO1, APOA5, and ABCA1 are significant predictors of plasma HDL in healthy adults.” in Lipids Health Dis. May 2013