Department News and Updates! May 26, 2011


  • Chris Calvert elected to CA&ES Exec Committee
  • Mary Delany & Jim Oltjen members of FAIR-2012 Executive Committee—informs the next Farm Bill
  • Mary Delany is Chair of FASS-Science Policy Committee
  • ANS Spring Awards BBQ June 1—faculty bring desserts please


  • Heull Howser reprised his 2007 broadcast to UCD: The horse barn and meats lab were featured destinations
  • The swine center hosted 10 Animal Scientists from the Beijing Center for Animal Genetic Evaluation and the Beijing Municipal Animal Husbandry & Veterinary General Station. Grad student Qian Wang was a great interpreter


  • Pablo Ross Co-PI on equine stem cell grant from Center for Equine Health
  • Dr. Josh Hull appointed Adjunct Asst Professor in Animal Science
  • Dietmar Kültz coauthor of “The ecoresponsive genome of Daphnia pulex” Science 331:555
  • Ermias Kebreab coauthor of “Evaluation of Models to predict the stoichimetry of volatile fatty acid profile in rumen fluid…” J Dairy Sci 94:3063


  • Animal Science faculty and staff attending Bishop Mule Days: Jan Roser, Dan Sehnert, Joel Viloria, Caleb Sehnert, and Horse Barn Interns
  • Modesto Junior College Faculty toured Animal Facilities 5/10/2011