Department News and Updates! May 27, 2016


  • Lucydalila Cedillo, ANS major, received the 2016 University Medal. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • Naomi Cholst, AEE major, received the 2016 Mary Regan Meyer Prize. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • Dairy makes the 10 Instagram-Worthy Spots at UC Davis
  • Pablo Ross interviewed by NPR on his stem cell work
  • Transfer student decision day Thank you: Ed DePeters, Jim Fadel, Kathleen Furtado, Kathryn Jackson, Katherine Livingston, Emma Martinez, Fannie Chiang
  • Casey Dykier won the California Animal Nutrition Conference (CANC) scholarship
  • Carlyn Peterson 2nd place & Samantha Werth 3rd in CANC poster competition
  • Richard Blatchford interviewed for a two-part featured article on scaling pasture egg production at The New Food Economy


  • Frank Mitloehner co-author of National Acadamy of Sciences “A Framework for Assessing Effects of the Food System” report
  • Jennifer Chen & Cass Tucker’s “Cooling cows efficiently with water spray: Behavioral, physiological, and production responses to sprinklers at the feed bunk” published in J of Dairy Science also selected as “Editor’s Choice”


  • Goat Show Team, Laura Waters, Maia Laabs, Elisabeth Doody, & Evelyn Rivera, attended the NVDGA Dairy Goat Show in Red Bluff, won 8 Reserve Breed Champions, 7 Breed Champions, 2 Best of Breed Senior Does, & 1 Best Junior Doe in Show
  • Frank Mitloehner spoke at a Hilmar Dairy Producers meeting on “From Smog to Climate Pollutants – Dairies Contributions to Air Quality & Climate” and he met with Ag Secretary Karen Ross & Ag Undersecretary Lester at the Dept of Agriculture to discuss the new CARB Short Lived Climate Pollutant policy for agriculture
  • Francine Bradley taught a Game Fowl Health Assurance Continuing Education class in Santa Maria
  • Alison Van Eenennaam presented “Emerging Genetic Advancements” and “Scientific Communication about Animal Agriculture” at the Center for Food Integrity Conference, Hamburger University, McDonald’s Campus, Chicago
  • Cassandra Tucker spoke at UC’s 4-H Youth Development Annual 4-H Animal Science Symposium on “Cattle behavior: insights from the animals to improve their welfare” and to the Northern San Joaquin Veterinary Medical Association in Turlock on “Effective cow cooling: how do we know when we’ve got it right?”
  • Richard Blatchford was the capstone speaker (Animal Welfare and Small Farms) at the 4-H Animal Welfare Symposium sponsored by UC ANR & School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Cass Tucker hosted Victoria Braithwaite, Professor of Fisheries & Biology Penn State, for the Modern Issues in Major Biology series. Fred Conte arranged a tour of The Fishery owned by UCD alumnus Ken Beer & Ken Lawson in Galt