Department News and Updates! June 21, 2013


  • Horse Sale June 22: Need a horse? A mule? Come on by; BBQ 4:30 & auction at 6 at Horse Barn
  • Beth Graham, grad student in Trish Berger’s lab, is a published author & illustrator of Return of the Red Wolf available on Amazon
  • Krista Jacobsen awarded the student scholarship for the American Cheese Society to be held in Wisconsin. Congratulations!
  • Interim Dean Mary Delany & Annie King attended Commencement Ceremony for Class 42 of the CA Agricultural Leadership Program.  The annual program provides a 16 month fellowship for 24 leaders in agriculture production & affiliated occupations in both industry and government
  • Shannon Tanguay accepted new position in CAES Dean’s Office. Congratulations. We will miss her & we wish her the best!


  • Joy Mench & Frank Mitloehner presented on “Partnering to Foster Sustainability of Animal Agriculture: McDonald’s Vision” at the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association annual world Forum & Symposium held in Atlanta
  • Joel Viloria, Stephanie Dosrochers (Draft Horse President), Lizzy Whipple, & Ashley Norris (foal managers) gave draft horse tour of campus to the Engineering group of Hyundai
  • Omar Ali, Dan Price, Razib Khan (students with Mike Miller), & Mike Miller attended the Bay Area Population Genomics Conference at UCSF
  • Mike Miller & his students Omar Ali, Dan Price, Hannah Lyman took a field trip to observe and swim/snorkel with wild salmon near Magalia
  • Frank Mitloehner presenting to Chinese National Academy of Agricultural Science in Beijing


  • Gerri-Meyers Brown & Jan Roser coauthor “Induction of ovulation in seasonally anestrous mares under ambient lights using recombinant equine FSH (reFSH)” in June 13, Theriogenology
  • Cass Tucker coauthor of “Behavioral and physiological effects of a short-term feed restriction in lactating dairy cattle with different body condition scores at calving” in J Dairy Science
  • Ermias Kebreab & Anders Strathe coauthor “Meta-analysis of factors that affect the utilization efficiency of phosphorus in lactating dairy cows” in J. Dairy Sci
  • Cass Tucker coauthor of “Effects of adjustable and stationary fans with misters on core body temperature and lying behavior of lactating dairy cows in a semiarid climate” in J Dairy Science
  • Kirk Klasing coauthors “Effect of weaning and in-feed high doses of zinc oxide on zinc levels in different body compartments of piglets” in J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr (Berl).
  • Ed DePeters & Scott Taylor coauthors on “Can fatty acid and mineral compositions of sturgeon eggs distinguish between farm-raised versus wild white (Acipenser transmontanus) sturgeon origins in California? Preliminary report” in Forensic Science International
  • Jennifer Chen & Cass Tucker coauthors on “Dairy cows use and prefer feed bunks fitted with sprinklers” in J Dairy Science