Department News and Updates! June 29, 2012


  • 20th Annual Production Sale Huge Success—largest attendance ever.  14 horses sold —Mule receiving highest sale price.  Thanks to all who made this day happen: Joel Viloria & the ALL the horse barn interns, Dan (UCD Alum) & Sami Macon, Jan Roser, Dan Sehnert, Mark Rubio, Lisa Nash Holmes, Ed DePeters on photos, Deanne Meyer & everyone who attended
  • Second online sale of UCD ANS meat goats: 11 sold.  Thanks to Jan Carlson for organizing
  • Thanks to all ANS faculty who participated in commencement up front & behind the scenes: Trish Berger, Lisa Nash Holmes, Joan Chandler, Jeff Johnson, Emma Martinez, Sarah Warren, Melissa Simmons, Alisha Bartolomucci, Jose Villaseñor, Mark Rubio, Frank Sauers, Jan Carlson, Doug Gisi, Dan Sehnert, Jerry Johnson, Joel Viloria, Sandra Weisker Chris Calvert, Jim Fadel, Ed DePeters, Russ Hovey, Silas Hung, Ermias Kebreab, Jim Millam, Mary Delany, Tom Famula Jim Murray, Anita Oberbauer, & Jan Roser


  • “Agrigenomic Researcher at U.C. Davis, Gonzalo Rincon…” was featured in a blog article by Golden Helix ( highlighting his work analyzing high throughput genotyping data in cattle.
  • Elizabeth Maga receives Academic Federation Innovative Development Award
    Angela Canovas a Fulbright Scholar from Spain in Juan Medrano's lab received the best poster award at the at the UCD Symposium Measuring Response to Food: Phenotyping Tools & Targets June 8-9, 2012. Title: "SNP variation in Citrate metabolism genes associated with coagulation properties of milk"


  • ANS cattle contribute to Russell Ranch Mitigation Grasslands management—Thanks to Jerry Johnson for initiating this cooperative relationship!
  • Jim Oltjen attends CBCIA annual tour to the north coast