Department News and Updates! June 3, 2011


  • ANS Horse Barn has winning presence at 2011 Mule Days: Action Jackson wins Get of Sire and he & the ANS mules won several parade awards
  • ANS goats snagged several championships at Regional shows
  • 232 attended ANS spring awards BBQ despite freak weather


  • Prof Patrick Kestemont visiting scientist from University of Namur, Belgium working with Silas Hung
  • Michelle Calvo, PhD student of Frank Mitloehner awarded Graduate Studies Travel Award to attend ADSA/ASAS national meeting


  • Silas Hung, Ermias Krebreab & Serge Doroshov co-PI’s on funded CalFed grant
  • Anita Oberbauer & Jim Murray co-authors on “Growth hormone enhances arachidonic Acid metabolites in a growth hormone transgenic mouse.” Lipids 46:495
  • Cass Tucker co-author on brief report in J. Dairy Sci on “Measures of weight distribution and frequency of steps as indicators of restless behavior.” 94:800


  • Alison Van Eenennaam member of Blue Ribbon Panel for Genetics & Genomics for Animal Agriculture 
  • Frank Mitloehner presented at two cattle health conferences: Univ Calgary and Univ Minnesota
  • Jim Oltjen & Alison Van Eenennaam attend/present at Beef Improvement Annual Meeting, Bozeman MT