Department News and Updates! June 30, 2011


  • Plan to attend the UCD Dept of Animal Science Reception at the ASAS/ADSA meeting in New Orleans on Mon, July 11, at 8:00 PM at the Sheraton Hotel Evergreen Room.  This follows the ASAS awards ceremony where Gary Anderson will receive the ASAS Fellow award
  • Transfer advising concludes: 54 ANS and 8 ANM students signed up
  • Dr. Francine Bradley retires after  having served UC & ANR for 18 years as a Poultry Extension Specialist in the Departments of Avian Sciences and Animal Science


  • Francine Bradley taught Game Fowl Health Assurance Continuing Education Course in Turlock & American Canyon and a Poultry Health Inspector Refresher Course in West Sacramento 
  • Frank Mitloehner invited speaker at the 2011 Midwest Association of State Departments of Agriculture conference attended by all Midwest Secretaries of Agriculture 
  • Francine Bradley judged Poultry Showmanship and Avian Bowl at the San Diego Co. Fair in Del Mar 


  • Frank Mitloehner guest editor of the special issue on “Climate Change and Livestock Management” in the open access journal Animals. 
  • Annie King lead author on “Bone measurements of molted layers fed low-salt corn and soybean meal diets containing safflower meal or tomato pomace” in J Appl Poultry Res 20:190
  • Saumya Wickramasinghea & Juan Medrano publish review “Primer on genes encoding enzymes in sialic acid metabolism in mammals”  doi:10.1016/j.biochi.2011.06.002
  • Gustavo Cruz, Jim Oltjen, & Bob Sainz authors of “Estimating feed efficiency: Evaluation of mathematical models to predict individual intakes of steers fed in group pens” in J Anim Sci 89:1640