Department News and Updates! July 10, 2015


  • Happy Summer


  • Bernie May & Mary Delany’s paper “Meiotic  Models to Explain Classical-Linkage, Pseudolinkage, and Chromosomal Pairing in Tetraploid Derivative Salmonid Genomes:II. Wright is Still Right” published in J of Heredity—this paper stems from work undertaken 35 years ago when they first met
  • Giuseppe Vezzoli & Joy Mench author “Relationships between beak condition, preening behavior and ectoparasite infestation levels in laying hens” in Poultry Science
  • Giuseppe Vezzoli & Joy Mench publish “Dustbathing behavior: do ectoparasites matter?” In Applied Animal Behaviour Science


  • Richard Blatchford gave a talk on backyard flock behavioral management for a Train the Trainers: Poultry Edition 2-day workshop in Davis and Los Angeles geared toward feed store operators, 4-H leaders, and farm advisors
  • Sandra Weisker & Dr. Rhonda Oates took the mice to a group of K-6 campers at Birch Lane CDC to teach the students about mice in the wild & in the lab; students built habitats for the mice watched the mice explore the habitats that they had created
  • Francine Bradley hosted Dr. Ahmed Hussein, Prof. of Poultry Science at United Arab Emirates University & wife; Ahmed studied with Drs. Kratzer and Vohra in the late 1970s and early 80s earning his M.S. in Avian Sciences
  • Sandra Weisker welcomed Tech Trek campers, a program designed for Jr High girls interested in a science-based field of study; students toured Cole B & learned about husbandry & coat color of mice
  • Juan Medrano presented a seminar at the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) at the Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona on the Genetics and Genomics of Coffee
  • Abbas Ahmadi presented two papers at the World Congress on Computers in Agriculture in Poznan, Poland: with Fred Conte “Developing a National Database Module for Pearl/Aquarius Models and with Peter Robinson & Ermias Kebreab “Incorporating the Methane Emission Model into PCDairy, the Least Cost Ration Formulation Software for Dairy Cattle”
  • Deanne Meyer continues to provide outreach to producers in the North Coast (Humboldt & Del Norte)
  • Ermias Kebreab attended the Global Research Networks meeting at University of Reading, Reading UK
  • Frank Mitloehner presented the environmental keynote talk titled: “Gases and VOC in silages: occurrence, environmental and animal issues” at the International Silage Conference in Piracicaba, Brazil