Department News and Updates! July 15, 2016


  • Freshman advising next week
  • JAM meeting next week
  • We say good bye and good luck to Caitlin Green! Thanks for all you have done at Hopkins & best wishes in Vet School


  • Ermias Kebreab receives funding from California Air Resource Board to ‘Characterize California-specific Cattle Feed Rations and Improve Modeling of Enteric Fermentation for California’s GHG Inventory’
  • Juan Medrano was awarded a UC-Mexus grant with a collaborator in the Instituto Technologico de Sonora: “Genomic analyses of thermo-tolerance in Holstein dairy cattle managed during summer in southern Sonora Mexico”


  • Alison Van Eenennaam presented  “The potential of gene editing in animal agriculture” to a group of New Zealand pastoral producers at a meeting in Palo Alto
  • Joel Van Eenennaam was an invited speaker for the Aquarium of the Pacific Lecture Series presenting on “California Caviar: The History of White Sturgeon Aquaculture”
  • Elizabeth Maga, Jim Murray, & Alison Van Eenennaam interviewed for UnDark: Truth, Beauty, Science discussing biotechnological advances