Department News and Updates! July 2, 2015


  • David Bunn recipient of the IAD Golden Shovel Award—it is a student appreciation award with students comments of “David Bunn is the man!  He's also a great teacher and mentor”
  • Graduation Receptions: thanks to Dana Welch, Lisa Holmes, Emma Martinez, Kat Jackson, all in ANS Advising Center, Jennie Sandoval, & Farm Crew & ALL the faculty and staff who attended
  • 2015 Horse Sale….Best Ever? Amazing attendance & great buyers. Thanks to the host of folks: Joel Viloria, Cal Aggie Alumni Assn, Jose Villasenor, Mark Rubio, Frank Sauers, Sean Eldridge, Foal & Stud Interns, Jan Roser, Dan Macon, Dan Sehnert, Caleb Sehnert & the Meat crew, Lisa Holmes, & Ed DePeters
  • Kent Parker retires! We wish you all the best
  • Sylvia Whitley retires! Best wishes to you
  • Doug Gisi worked with Deanne Meyer & Mike Payne for a piece on AB 27!  Mike did a great interview at the dairy yesterday that was on the Ch 13 evening news  Hats off to Mike for setting the reporter straight & Doug for having everything looking great 
  • 88 transfer students were advised! Thanks to Emma Martinez, Kathryn Jackson, Ed DePeters, Nicole Anderson, Meghan Foote, Naomi Cholst, Lisa Holmes, Trish Berger, Jim Fadel, Tom Famula, Russ Hovey, Mike Mienaltowski, Jim Murray, & Anita Oberbauer


  • Jim Murray & Alison Van Eenennaam visited China with a group from USDA FAS
  • Francine Bradley taught a Game Fowl Health Assurance Continuing Education class in Escondido
  • Anita Oberbauer attended Canine & Feline Genomics conference in Cambridge UK
  • ANS hosts the California Beef Council & CSU nutrition program-thanks to Caleb Sehnert, Clayton Neumeier, & James Moller
  • Frank Mitloehner spoke at the Reciprocal Meat Conference in Lincoln, NE


  • Victoria Cussen & Joy Mench author “The Relationship between Personality Dimensions and Resiliency to Environmental Stress in Orange-Winged Amazon Parrots (Amazona amazonica), as Indicated by the Development of Abnormal Behaviors” in PLoS ONE
  • Janelle Belanger & Anita Oberbauer co-authors on “Identification of a common risk haplotype for canine idiopathic epilepsy in the ADAM23 gene” in BMC Genomics
  • Anne Todgham co-author of two papers in Oceanography: “Transdisciplinary science: A path to understanding the interactions among ocean acidification, ecosystems, and society” and “Coping with ocean acidification in the midst of many stressors”