Department News and Updates! July 25, 2014


  • Grace Berryhill receives NIH Pre-doctoral Research Fellowship!
  • “California Franchise Cadence” Toggenburg bred by UC Davis was just verified as appraising EX94—only the 6th Am Dairy Goat Assoc Goat in history to appraise that high
  • Welcome Rachel Conway who will be starting at the Goat Barn on Monday!
  • Thanks to those who helped with Freshman Orientation: Kathryn Jackson, Emma Martinez, Naomi Cholst, Lisa Homes, Kathleen Furtado, Marissa Bothwell, Ed DePeters, Tom Famula, Jim Fadel, Russ Hovey, Jim Murray, Anita Oberbauer, & Roberto Sainz


  • Angela Cánovas, Gonzalo Rincon, Alma Islas-Trejo, & Juan Medrano coauthors of “Multi-Tissue Omics Analyses Reveal Molecular Regulatory Networks for Puberty in Composite Beef Cattle” in PLoS One
  • Anita Oberbauer co-author of “Effects of Sex, Breed, Callipyge Phenotype, and Docked Tail Length on Rectal Prolapse in Lambs” in Sheep & Goat Research Journal
  • Andrea Schreier’s proposal "Do California highways act as barriers to gene flow for ground-dwelling mammals?" funded by UC Davis Caltrans National Center for Sustainable Transportation
  • Amy Welsh , Melinda Baerwald, & Bernie May co-author " The effect of multiple spawning events on cohort genetic diversity of lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) in the Kaministiquia River" in Environmental Biology of Fishes
  • Scott Brandl, Bernie May, & Melinda Baerwald co-author " Ten real-time PCR assays for detection of fish predation at the community level in the San Francisco Estuary-Delta" in Molecular Ecology Resources


  • Marla McPherson, Huaijun Zhou, Matthew Warren & Tae Kim attended the Avian Immunology Research Group meeting in Guelph Canada
  • Huaijun Zhou & Ying Wang gave talks at ISAG meeting in Xi'An, China; Huaijun chaired the Genetics of Immune Response and Disease Resistance Workshop
  • Ermias Kebreab, Anita Oberbauer, Alison Van Eenennaam, Jim Oltjen, Frank Mitloehner, Clayton Neumeier, Carlyn Peterson, Elizabeth Schusterman, Mat Cohen, Samantha Werth & others attended the Joint Animal Science & Dairy Science meetings in Kansas City.
  • Frank Mitloehner gave keynote talk at the Merck 2014 Calf Raisers Business Summit in Santa Barbara
  • Alison Van Eenennaam presented “Genetically Modified Organisms and Livestock Feed (ruminants)” at the 7th Annual Cross Border Livestock Health Conference/ 2014 Pacific Northwest Economic Region 24th Annual Summit held in  Whistler, British Columbia
  • Richard Blatchford gave a webinar for eXtension on Normal poultry behavior and dealing with behavioral problems in small and backyard flocks