Department News and Updates! July 8, 2011


  • Reminder: Plan to attend the UCD Dept of Animal Science Reception at the ASAS/ADSA meeting in New Orleans on Mon, July 11, at ~8:30 PM at the Sheraton Hotel Evergreen Room.  This follows the ASAS awards ceremony where Gary Anderson will receive the ASAS Fellow award
  • Avian Sciences major is officially closed
  • Business office is navigating fiscal close


  • Pascaline Millet, a third-year undergraduate at University College of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences in Lille, France, will be here for 3 months with Joy Mench
  • Tewdros Tsehaye, researcher at Eritrea Ministry of Agriculture & who is earning an M.S. in animal breeding and genetics at Norwegian University of Life Sciences will be here for 3 months with Joy Mench


  • Dana Van Liew attended the College Curriculum Meeting at Cal Poly on June 19-20 and the Cal Aggie Alumni and made a brief presentation regarding admissions and Ag Sci Field Day.
  • Silas Hung, Joel Van Eenennaam & Andrea Drauch-Schreier presenting at the North American Chapter of the World Sturgeon Conservation Society, 4th Annual Sturgeon and Paddlefish Conference,  Vancouver Island University, July 11-14
  • ANS hosting 2011-2012 FFA State Officers livestock facilities tour as part of their campus wide tour July 11


  • Anders Strathe & Ermias Kebreab author “A Bayesian approach to analyzing energy balance data from lactating dairy cows.” J. Dairy Sci., 94:2520-2531.
  • Gonzalo Rincon, Janelle Belanger, Juan Medrano, & Anita Oberbauer coauthors of “Comparison of buccal and blood-derived canine DNA, either native or whole genome amplified, for array-based genome-wide association studies.” BMC Res Notes 4:226
  • Ermias Kebreab senior author on “Application of the law of diminishing returns for partitioning metaboliz-able energy and crude protein intake between maintenance and growth in growing male and female broiler breeder pullets.” J. Agric. Sci. 149, 385–394.
  • Anita Oberbauer, Lisa Lit, & Tom Famula receive grant from Morris Animal Foundation
  • Fred S. Conte & Abbas Ahmadi published "A Computerized Model for Evaluating New Rainfall Closure Rules for Conditionally Approved Shellfish Growing Areas." Transactions of American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) 54(3): 909-914.